Our services

GRC offers a wide array of services involving reefer logistics and everything around it. Available for our clients 24/7, 365 days per year. Our services include but are not limited to: Global transport, Handling Products, Quality Control, Documentation and Consultancy. With heaps of experience and deep knowledge of our profession, we are sure to tackle your issues head on and provide you with the best overall experience.

Global Transport

Transport around the globe is at the very core of our business. Here at GRC we provide you with the most competitive rates and make sure your cargo gets to its destination in the most efficient way possible.
To accomplish this we make use of our global network and use multiple modalities such as transport by road, inland water transport, deep-sea ocean vessels and others.
Whether it is from Reykjavik to Qingdao or from Rotterdam to Vigo, each transport is tailored to fit your needs.

Handling Products

At GRC we have deep running connections with Cold stores and Warehouses around the globe. Thanks to our global network we can offer you many services: Cold storage services, vessel discharging, distribution, cross docking, labeling, loose loading, re-packing and much more. We can take all of the above out of your hands.
Do you want pictures taken during loading? Do you want us to keep track of your stock and provide you with frequent stock updates? You name it, we handle it. 24/7. All year round.

Quality Control

Quality is at the very top of our priority list. With that in mind we provide quality-controlling services to assist our clients. For example, we can arrange for quality inspections of your products and arrange for temperature probes to measure the temperature of your cargo during transport.
Based on your wants and needs, anything is possible.


International transport, and everything that comes with it, is always accompanied by documentation and complicated rules. We can take this whole process out of your hands. Legalisation, veterinary documents, custom documents, insurance and anything in between.
No more headaches from dealing with the various instances.
Instead we take care of it.