About us

Giezen Reefer Consultants (GRC) specialises in handling temperature controlled logistics worldwide. Export, Import and anything related. GRC is equipped to take the whole process out of your hands. With a sharp eye for detail and excellent quality in mind along the way. From A to Z.

About us

At GRC you will find a team of skilled, dedicated and hard working specialists, who know all the ins and outs of temperature controlled & food related logistics.

Our number one priority is customer satisfaction. With that said we are confident that we provide the highest quality of service there is.

Secondly we value good and long term relationships with all parties in the chain very highly. Which assists us greatly in delivering the highest quality of service.

When doing business with GRC you will always be talking to one person. Whether it be about documentation, invoicing, bookings, sales or anything else. You will always know who to talk to and will never be redirected to different departments. Ready to assist our customers day and night.

With loads of experience in the industry among our team members, global contacts and partner relations, we know how to deal with any situation you might face.

While our customers focus on their products they can trust in GRC to offer the best services for the best price.

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